Sales Proposal Techniques

Is the sales proposal an essential element of the sales process?

It certainly seems like it is. Almost all sales reps give some sort of sales proposal to their sales prospects. But is this the way it should be? Depending on the industry that you sell in, creating a sales proposal can be a lot of work.

Creating a custom sales proposal may seem like a way of giving "great customer service". And I am sure that someone has told you, or you have read, that giving great customer service is a sure way to make more sales. The problem is that since everyone is creating a fancy custom sales proposal, the result is that their is no differentiation in the eyes of the customer.

A unique way to sell and differentiate yourself is not to create a sales proposal for your customer! How does one get away with this? Simple - learn how to find, develop, and intensify the customer's pain. People buy ways to eliminate or avoid pain or problems. They also buy to realize new capabilities and possibilities. Most of the time, people and businesses are buying to eliminate or avoid pain, as it is a stronger motivator for most people.

When you learn how to do this, you will find that the customer pursues you, and sells you on why they should buy. No sales proposal is necessary. If any document is necessary, it is a simple list of products or services so that you can confirm in writing what the customer wants to buy.

Forget the sales proposal - its too much work!


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