Professional Sales Techniques

There are any number of possible sales techniques and approaches that you can take to interest and motivate a sales prospect, qualify a sales opportunity, and bring a sales deal to close. So which sales techniques are the most effective? Which sales techniques will make you more money? Which sales techniques will annoy your prospects and cost you sales?

Read the selected sales techniques articles listed here and you may learn a few new sales techniques that will increase your sales.

Qualifying Sales Techniques

Article identifies the three best sales techniques for qualifying sales opportunities.
sales qualifying techniques

Sales Persuasion Techniques

Article about what persuasion is, and the effectiveness of persuasion techniques.
persuasion techniques

Strategic Sales Techniques

Learn about the two classes of sales strategy that you can employ in competitive sales opportunities.
sales strategy techniques

Sales Proposal Techniques

Read about how a fancy sales proposal is rarely the reason why you win a deal.
sales proposal techniques

Closing Sales Techniques

Discusses how the use of closing sales techniques annoy prospects and are unnecessary for professional salespeople.
closing sales techniques

The Professional Sales Techniques website from Industrial EGO Sales is an overview of which sales techniques are effective and which sales techniques are not for sales professionals. For a complete listing of the all of the sales techniques articles available at this site click here sales skills articles.


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