Sales Qualifying Techniques

Qualifying techniques are probably the most important part of the sales. Time is the one resource that you have the most control over as a sales person. And it also the one that is the most easily squandered. For most sales people, there are more potential customers, or suspects, in their territory than they will ever have time to contact.

Qualifying techniques then are simply the methods that you use to determine who to sell to. Who qualifies for the expenditure of your most precious resource - your time.

The best sales qualifying techniques then are as follows:

When you qualify using an ideal customer profile, you are more likely to get the kind of customer that you want. A set of criteria to sell to will tell you whether or not you should expend your time and resources on this customer. And a sales system will enable you to rapidly qualify customers in or out of your sales pipeline. Set yourself up with these qualifying techniques and you'll sell more with less effort.


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