Closing sales techniques are second-rate

Closing sales techniques are the sorriest, most annoying, and lame of all sales techniques in our profession.

Closing sales techniques give all of us in the sales profession a bad name. How can I say this? Think about it. Do you enjoy the experience of being "closed" when you buy something like a TV, a car or, a dishwasher? I know I don't. Do you think the CFO of a Fortune 500 company needs to hear the Ben Franklin or Alternative Event closing sales techniques before signing a million dollar contract?

OK, maybe your are with me so far (I'm sure you don't like being "closed" using closing sales techniques). So are closing sales techniques a necessary evil for those of us in the sales profession? Don't we have to "Ask For The Order"? The answer is no. You will sell a lot more when you learn how to sell without using traditional closing sales techniques.

The way to sell more without closing sales techniques is to learn how to get the prospect to sell you on why he should buy your product. As you read this, you might be thinking that I am a little nuts. Well think about it some more. Did you ever buy only because you were closed with some sales rep's closing sales techniques? Or did you buy because you knew that the product or service you bought was going to help or benefit you in some way?

In my coaching, mentoring, and sales training programs, I show people how to find the prospect's unique wants and motivation. Then I show them how to use that to get the prospect to sell the seller, to get the prospect to want to buy without any lame closing sales techniques.


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